Tattoo Studio

Tainted Oak was established in 2017, we had a vision to create a unique and welcoming studio home to talented artists. We are nestled in a historic street in a small town called Accrington, but with a 5 minute walk to the train station have links to numerous larger towns and cities in the North West of England. 
We are an eco-conscious, custom design studio with 3 resident artists and regular guest artists.

S O P H I E  E L I Z A B E T H 

Sophie specialises in delicately detailed fine line floral and ornamental work.

instagram: @sophieelizabethtattoo


Sophie’s books open and close every couple of months. You must be subscribed to the studio mailing list to get on the contact list of people who are informed as to when her books open and to get an appointment. Due Sophie generally booking up very quickly, this is the only way you will be informed of when her books open. 


H O L L Y  R I D I N G 

Holly specialises in bright watercolour line work pieces as well as realism watercolour. 

instagram: @hollyridingtattoo


For appointments with holly you can contact her through the email address above. Holly generally has a month or 2 waiting list and can close her books during this period. 
S A R A H  H O L D E N 
Sarah is our newest member and specialises in black and grey and trash polka style tattoos. 

instagram: @sarahholdenart
Sarah is currently part time at the studio so generally might have a few week wait, but you can contact her directly via the above email to get an appointment.